Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Washington Melodrama (1941) is a good, solid MGM B about a married lobbyist (a sedate Frank Morgan) implicated in chorus girl's murder and blackmailed by real killer. Kent Taylor is good as the fast-talking newspaper publisher trying to solve the case. Helping him is an engaging Lee Bowman as a reporter. Dan Dailey, in an early role, is okay as a cad and Virginia Grey, underused as usual by the studio, sparkles nonetheless and shows off some dancing steps. Ann Rutherford, playing the daughter of Morgan, has good chemistry with the underrated Taylor. One jarring note: the seemingly endless water ballet (staged by Sammy Lee) in the beginning. Anne Gwynne's stunt woman executes a doozy of a backwards fall over a table that has to be seen to be believed. Bravo. Working titles of this film were Tabloid and She Takes the Wheel.

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  1. I reviewed this one last fall and enjoyed it as well. My jaw dropped when the customers went "fishing" for the swimmers at the end of the water ballet -- it was bizarre! Enjoyed reading your take on the movie.

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